Ignite the love for learning, together.

The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination. Our aim therefore is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his inmost core. 

— Dr. Maria Montessori, To Educate the Human Potential 

Love for Learning

Maria Montessori recognized that inherent in every child is the ability to be curious, to imagine and learn. Every new wonder and discovery is absorbed readily into their fertile minds.

The heart of Montessori education is a deep regard for the child's innate readiness to learn, a spark that -- when fostered in the proper environment, with highly trained and sensitive guides -- will help feed the flames of their imagination.

At MMCS, we stay true to Dr. Montessori's method of teaching, encouraging our children to explore and take ownership of their own learning, helping them on their path to self-discovery.  

MMCS children are self-motivated, self-disciplined, and confident from a very young age, through to adolescence and to life.  Come, meet our children and see it for yourself: the spark in their eyes and smiles and minds.

the Vito Cruz campus

MMCS today, in Merville

Our MonteStory... so far

Maria Montessori Cooperative School was founded by a group of parents and teachers who sought to establish a school that was faithful to the core tenets of Montessori education.

Starting in a borrowed classroom in Forbes Park a half-century ago, to Vito Cruz St. in Manila (1971) and Williams St. in Pasay (in 1975), the school moved in 2003 to the Merville campus, its current home.  

The school went from a Cooperative to being a Foundation in 1989, becoming Maria Montessori Children's School Foundation, Inc. While the school is still a foundation, it now goes by the name Maria Montessori Children's School - Philippines (MMCS) -- a nod to our heritage, with an eye toward the bigger future.

In 2013, after generations of Montessori Elementary children had gone through its doors, MMCS launched its Adolescent Program (High School) to complete the whole Montessori journey for their students.  The AP produced its first batch of graduates in 2019, most of whom got into top colleges in Manila.

From a borrowed classroom to a welcoming campus; from a coop to a foundation; from a children's school to producing high school graduates... we've come a long way in just 50 years.

And we're just getting started, again.  Here's to our next 50, together!

Montessori, Together

The school celebrates its 53rd anniversary this year (2024) with a newly-minted vision and mission to ignite the love for learning as the premier Montessori school in the country, and with several programs to upgrade many areas of how we operate.

Among the changes are fresh efforts to improve the way the school communicates and interacts with the Community (whether current, past, or potential members), modernizing of administrative processes, and adapting the educational approach, not just for the pandemic but for the evolving contexts of the world our children live in and will grow up to shape.

Teachers, school staff, and parent volunteers -- some who serve as the school's Trustees, and many more who are generously sharing their expertise in various relevant fields -- are all working hand-in-hand to give back to the school that is raising the next generation of creators and pioneers.

It's not a catch phrase or a tag line, it's a deep belief that describes and drives the way we do things: Montessori, Together.

Maria Montessori Children's School looks to Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) for teacher training and classroom and program requirements. MMCS is fully licensed and accredited by the Department of Education.